Trump Stops Release Of 300 JFK Assassination Files

President and Mrs. Kennedy travel along the motorcade route just minutes before the President was assassinated. Photo in color. (Photo courtesy of The Dallas Morning News)

It’s emerged that a British newspaper received a tip off about some ‘big news’ in the U.S. 25 minutes before the assassination of President John F Kennedy. That’s one of the revelations included in classified documents that have been released on the most pivotal event in modern US history. However some documents have been withheld, with Donald Trump citing security reasons.

54 years after arguably the most shocking moments in modern U.S. history, hundreds of previously classified documents on the assassination of John F Kennedy have been released. President Donlald Trump said the public deserve to be fully informed about the assassination, which had been the subject of numerous conpspiracy theories, one of which being that the CIA orchestrated the whole thing..

Darren Payne was a journalist in Dallas at the time. He thinks the conspiracies are nonsense;


“The reporters who were here at that time – none of them believe in the conspiracies…”

300 documents have been withheld at the request of government agencies. In a memo, Donald Trump said he had no choice but to keep them secret. In the documents that were released, it’s been revealed that killer Lee Harvey Oswald was heard speaking to a Russian spy in Mexico, while a British newspaper was tipped off about some big news in the U.S. 25 minutes before the shooting.

Philip Sheenon wrote a book about the assassination and said there WAS a cover-up;

The CIA in their internal documents actually uses that word ‘cover-up’. The effort was made to identify Oswald as a ‘lone-wolf’ who never could have been stopped, when the truth seems to be that the FBI and the CIA had the opportunity to stop it.

The withheld records will be reviewed further over the next six months.