Iarnród Éireann Confirm Catering Services For Cork To Dublin Route


Iarnród Éireann have announced that catering services will be available to customers availing of the Cork – Dublin train route from early April.

These services are to be provided by Carriage Food Services, who are also a sister company of CCSL (N).

They also priovide trolley service on board Dublin to Belfast Enterprises under a separate contract.


Under this provision, the national operator are to provide the following:

  • proceed with a full procurement process for catering services across the Intercity network
  • progress a pilot for catering vending machines on selected trains.  If successful and progressed further, vending machines would be intended to be complementary to on board trolley services
  • work to identify further opportunities to enhance station retail and catering facilities

We have been as keen as our customers to see on-board catering resume, and are delighted to be in a position to do so with this interim provision.  We also believe that the success of the interim service will ensure that some of the inflated costs being quoted for full catering provision across our Intercity network will be reduced through the full procurement process”, Iarnród Éireann also confirmed in a statement.

According to this provision, 50% of inter city customers will also have access to on board catering. This also includes the Dublin to Belfast Enterprises.

Most customers who travel to and from Kerry (changing at Mallow) and Limerick (changing at Limerick Junction) will also avail of these services.

“Quieter carriage”

Last November, Iarnód Éireann also reintroduced their ‘quieter carriage‘ concept on its Heuston to Cork services.

This services caters for customers wil sensory issues, along with providing better choice for everybody.

“We are delighted to bring back the option of a quieter carriage on our Heuston to Cork services”, they said in a statement.

“This quieter carriage will not only be popular with those who have sensory challenges, but also for those who wish to relax and enjoy their journey without excessive use of mobile phones or other devices, or who may have some work to do, which requires quietness”. 

More on this here.