Innocent Child Identified As BOY A Or BOY B On Social Media

Innocent Child Identified As BOY A Or BOY B On Social Media

The Central Criminal Court has heard an innocent child has wrongfully been identified on social media as being Boy A or Boy B, who were convicted of the murder of 14-year-old Ana Kriegel.

A school has also told the court other innocent children are being implicated and a staff member is being wrongfully targeted online.

Facebook and Twitter have been ordered to continue to remove any material identifying either of the two boys from their platforms.


The Central Criminal Court was dealing with orders sought by the DPP yesterday directing Twitter and Facebook to remove any material identifying the two boys convicted of the murder.

Lawyers for Boy B told the court his family has been forced into hiding and that a tabloid newspaper reporter called to the family home yesterday.

Lawyers for Boy A presented copies of screenshots of tweets and Facebook comments, including some containing pictures of him with a school crest.

An unnamed school was also represented, where the court was told an innocent child has been identified online as being boy A or boy B and the school is having problems removing comments made on Facebook.

Mr. Justice Michael White said the concerns that ‘some idiots’ would breach court orders had now come to pass.

Lawyers for Facebook and Twitter outlined how they had swiftly removed material once they became aware of them.

The judge slightly amended yesterday’s order and adjourned the matter until 5th July.