Ireland Amongst Five Countries With Most Roundabouts Per Capita

Walkinstown Roundabout - lovin' Dublin
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Ireland is among the countries with the most roundabouts in the world.

Research by found there are a total of 1,927 in the country, which is about 28 roundabouts per kilometre squared.

Ireland has 385 roundabouts per million people placing fifth place on the list per capita.

Chief Executive of the Royal Irish Automobile Club, Conor Faughnan, says the intersections don’t have to be as scary as they seem:

When people are learning how to drive, a busy roundabout is definitely a very scary thing. But there are simple rules for the driver to follow. They’re in your driver theory test, you will have learned them as you learned how to drive and all drivers will know them and they’re to do with how you indicate properly, the lane with which you approach a roundabout and as I say, they’re simple enough rules. If you know them and follow them they work perfectly well.”

The country also has 28.3 roundabouts per square kilometer, with 1,947 roundabouts in total.

One of the notable roundabouts located in Ireland is the Walkinstown Roundabout (pictured) which is notorious for its difficulty for drivers to navigate, providing access to six of South Dublin’s busiest roads.