Ireland v Scotland… Why Is There So Much Bromance?


It’s gas really – as an extremely competitive nation we don’t seem to get annoyed at the Scots as much as other nations.

Why is that?

Ireland and Scotland are kicking off in the Aviva Stadium this Saturday and it made us think about a couple of reasons why we don’t really dislike or begrudge the Scottish folk as much as we do some other countries (ahem, England).

  1. The Scots beat England in the Calcutta Cup and made us all very happy
  2. Braveheart – we understood
  3. Scots Galeic – yes, they also have their own unique language that no one understands
  4. Celtic – tell us what Irish person doesn’t love the soccer club?
  5. Gingers – while we may associate red heads with Ireland, they originate in Scotland. Boom.
  6. Whiskey – or in Scotland ‘whisky’, they have just as much of it as we do
  7. Mythical creatures – we both have a LOT of those stories
  8. Pride – they love their country and their independence

However, our love may be put aside this evening for a while!


Ireland, Ireland v Scotland… Why Is There So Much Bromance?