Irish Court Reveals Extent Of Hutch Criminal Organisation For The First Time

Gerry Hutch - 'The Monk' - RTÉ Interview Screenshot - (2008)

For the first time today, an Irish court has been told about the existence of a Dublin based organised crime group known as the Hutch Criminal Organisation.

Three judges of the Special Criminal Court also heard evidence of its makeup and structure, and how its engaged in a feud with the Kinahan Organised Crime Group.

Detective Superintendent David Gallagher gave evidence today in the trial of Gerry Hutch, who’s accused of murdering David Byrne at the Regency Hotel in February 2016.

Two other men are on trial for related charges. Throughout his 28-year career, Detective Superintendent Gallagher told the court he has acquired significant insight and understanding into organised crime.

He spoke about a criminal gang called the Hutch Criminal Organisation, which he described as an “intergenerational family-based organisation”.

None of its alleged members were named today, but Detective Superintendent Gallagher said its mostly Dublin city centre based, is made up of family members and close associates, and is based on loyalty and monetary gain.

He said its members are known to work together and independently of each other, but since its feud with the Kinahan Organised Crime Group began in 2015, he said he has seen a galvanization of positions within the organisation.