Irish Diaspora’s Profound Lament For Tayto


Tayto has been named the ‘most-missed’ food by Irish emigrants, according to the seventh annual ‘Brand Preferences Amongst The Diaspora’ study, undertaken by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of Checkout magazine.

According to the data, almost half (46%) of the surveyed Irish grocery shoppers, who have spent time living abroad said that they missed the iconic crisp brand ‘a lot’ while a further 27% said that they ‘missed it somewhat’. When asked to choose the one brand they missed ‘most’ when they lived away from home, Tayto came out on top –with almost 3 in 10 (29%) choosing the crisp brand.

Other brands that ranked highly included Barry’s tea (30% missed it a lot/16% missed it most), Kerrygold (38% missed it a lot/12% missed it most) and Cadbury (37% missed it a lot/10% missed it most).

Online & News Editor at Checkout, Donna Ahern, commented: “Tayto continues to be at the forefront of the Diaspora’s minds when Irish food brand nostalgia sets in. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Barry’s Tea, Kerrygold butter and Cadbury join the iconic crisp as the brands that we miss the most when living abroad. For those of us that have lived overseas or have visited family abroad, these items are always the front runners when it comes to the missed food brands”.

Senior Research Executive at B&A, Rachael Joyce, commented: “As Christmas is fast approaching, and undoubtedly many of us have friends and family living abroad, it is interesting to consider what brands are most missed by those living away from home. We can see that Tayto has the edge, with nearly half of our respondents saying they missed the crisps a lot. Kerrygold, Cadbury and Barry’s tea were the other top missed brands – which makes sense to me… a Tayto crisp sandwich with Kerrygold butter, a mug of Barry’s and a Cadbury snack to follow… what could be better?”