It Was 43 Years Ago Today…


.. That the end arrived!

April 10th 1970 The Fab Four called it a day.

The tale of the breakup of the Beatles is a long and, well, winding road. The band had begun to implode for a while.

When manager Brian Epstein passed away in 1967, the first cracks were showing. By the time of the recording of the 1968 double-record set ‘The Beatles’ (aka “The White Album”) things had gotten worse. The Beatles were working less and less like a band, with each member focusing on their own compositions in the studio.

Flash forward to early 1969 and recording sessions for what would eventually become the ‘Let It Be’ album. Captured forever thanks to a documentary film crew (though hidden from public view for many years) the film ‘Let It Be’ shows the band breaking up before our eyes. With tensions running high and resentment building, it was clear they were not long for this world. Even though they would somehow carry on and record the much more harmonious ‘Abbey Road,’ the end was in sight.

It would ultimately be McCartney who would spill the beans during the promotion for his debut solo album, which was released in April of 1970. An official announcement from the band concerning the break up would not come until the end of 1970.

The wonderful “Abbey Road” plays tonight in full at 11, as NOVA’s classic album.