Jack White Speaks Out Against Sexism In Music


Former White Stripes frontman Jack White has been making some salient points about the attitude towards women in the music industry.

White lamented the fact that it is a “novelty” to see a female with an instrument, stating that “girls have to work twice as hard to really prove themselves.”

Speaking with Pearl Jam’s guitarist Mike McCready, White discusses female artists and bands in the music business and talks about the perception of his former band mate Meg White.

Jack White said, “It was a great way to provoke the musicians and provoke the fans watching to just think about something. I know that when we had The White Stripes, the fact that Meg was female had something to do with the perception of what was going on onstage.”

“When you have all-female acts and female front people, there’s a different perception. It’s sort of a real shame that if a woman goes on stage with an instrument – guitar or drums or something – then that’s a novelty to people; ‘Oh isn’t that cute?'”

“The ultimate shame of it is that girls have to work twice as hard to really prove themselves, they don’t have a free ticket… but in the end you get something better than any other run-of-the-mill male musician, because they’re really putting it into proving what’s going on there, because they’re put in a position where they have to.”

The full interview will air on SiriusXM tomorrow.