Jimmy Page Says New Solo Stuff Is On The Way!


Jimmy Page has been keeping very busy with Led Zeppelin associated releases recently. Now the guitarist is about to focus on his own work.

Speaking in a new interview, the axeman offered assurances that material was in the pipeline other than Led Zeppelin in 2019. Talking to Mark Goodman on SiriusXM Volume’s Page explained, “Yes, you’ll definitely be getting stuff from Jimmy Page, I can guarantee that.”

“I intend to be doing something which obviously will surface as a sort of album somewhere. It’ll surface further on down the line; I’m looking forward to doing whatever the project is. But if you think about all the areas that I’ve attempted, guitar, whether it’s acoustic or electric or whatever, all the different approaches that I’ve done, it’s just gonna be an extension of all of that, and that’s it. So it’s not just acoustic, it’s not just electric, it’s everything I can muster up.”

Page didn’t elaborate, but it’s plausible that it could be a box set devoted to Coverdale / Page, the 1993 album he created with Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale.

Page has often talked for years about a new solo record. In 2016, he confessed that it’s “taken a long time” for him to produce new music because “I want to do it properly,. And there will be surprises — that’s what I’ve done all the way through my career, really.” Early this year he revealed his intentions to record something new, although then he was equally as vague.

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