John Lyndon Show Cancelled “Due to the Aggression” of His Tour Manager


John Lyndon ’s Glasgow show as part of his ‘I Could Be Wrong, I Could Be Right’ book tour was reportedly cancelled yesterday (October 25) “due to the aggression and intimidation” of his tour manager.

“Unfortunately, due to the aggression and intimidation made to various members of my staff by John Lydon’s tour manager, tonight’s show will not go ahead,” said the post by Glasgow’s The Pavilion Theatre.

“The days of this kind of behaviour is long gone,” it continued. “We have a zero tolerance policy of abuse, both physical and verbal, and this behaviour has been ongoing for the past two weeks.”

“We are sorry if this affects you but as a company we will not accept this kind of attitude to our staff from anyone, including members of the public and touring staff. Our box office will be in contact with you directly to organise refund of your tickets.”

The show had already been rescheduled after being cancelled last November due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The venue’s event page reported that the gig was supposed to see John Lyndon “talk about how he sees life, along with his unique and extraordinary career, and take audience questions.”

Lyndon’s official Twitter account shared news of the cancellation, though they have yet to confirm any accusations against his tour manager.