Julian Casablancas Releases New “Post Apocalyptic” Music Video


The former Strokes frontman has released a new video for his song ‘Human Sadness’. Juliana Casblancas + The Voids as his band is officially known, released a “post apocalyptic” video to go with their 13 minute epic. Casablancas summed up the idea behind the video “The world’s gonna end and you decide to play music,”

Apparently he took his inspiration from the titanic’s eight member orchestra who played until their deaths. Casablancas described the sentiment behind it “In a weird, dark, ‘sad’ way – forgive me – it’s kind of like life: dark. But you can look at life as ‘managing denial.'”The band also performed the track live which is a rarity in modern music videos.

During the 13 minute video, each band member has their own separate story.  The video is said to have been in the works since 2013, the challenge was to try and fit all these individual stories into one cohesive video.

There are also a number of different flashbacks that appear in the video, to the world that was before. Casablancas went onto described their current situation in the post apocalyptic world “Everyone in this future had their own entertainment going, from there, we just had fun with it.”

One things for sure, a lot of thought has been put into the video, which is quite refreshing to see. It seems that most music videos nowadays are becoming a lot more simplistic and they leave less room for any underlying themes or ideas. Although, Casablancas and Co.’s level of detail might not appeal to everyone, it’s good to see a music video that is really pushing the envelope in terms of it’s concept.


Photo Credit: Focka