Just ANOTHER Reason Bruce Rocks


He’s injected some cash in the local community, going bowling in Kilkenny’s ‘K Bowl’

And then to Eddie Rockets.. as you do of a Thursday.

Bruce took over the alley for his private party – ahead of his two mega Wrecking Ball tour gigs in Nowlan Park this weekend.

K Bowl owner Shane Murphy and the rest of the workers had no idea that Bruce himself would be part of the gang that was coming right up until he arrived.

He told the Irish Mirror: “We’re still a bit starstruck at the moment, we’re still a bit shocked. We didn’t know he was going to be part of the party coming in.

“We knew somebody was coming and the brief was he may or may not come, that was where we were. And we didn’t actually know he was coming until he walked in the door.

“We were a little bit shocked alright when he walked in, you don’t expect Bruce to walk in your door everyday. He was an absolute gentleman.

“He mingled, although all the people here would have been all his own people – family members, all the band members, crew, all the staff, all the promotion people and he just laid back and had a laugh.

“He had a game of bowling and went on the arcade – it was just a lovely night and everyone enjoyed it.”

However Shane and the other staff didn’t get to take their picture with the New Jersey legend – although huge swarms of fans quickly heard he was at K-Bowl.

Love this tweet from Bruce fan John!


And here’s some video footage too…