Justin Bieber Announces To The World He Is A Tool… (fan)


May you live in interesting times…so the Chines curse goes. Well, things just got a heap more ‘interesting.’

Pop scallywag, Justin Bebo has shared the lyrics to one of his fave Tool songs on social media.


On the post, which has just surfaced online, Blieber asks his fans to see if they recognise the lyrics to Tool’s ‘The Pot’ from their album, 10,000 Days.

“Who are you to wave your finger?/ You must have been outta your head/ Eye hole deep in muddy waters/ You practically raised the dead.”

According to CoS via Stereogum, The Bieber was enjoying a nice summer road trip with his wife Hailey and were listening to Tool when he got inspired to treat his fans to the music quiz.

Nothing is sacred anymore..forever. Orange Julius at The Whitehouse? A bloviating buffoon about to become UK Prime minister? Forget it…it’s now officially the end of days!

Except, Tool will actually release their still-untitled fifth studio album, on August 30th, 2019!

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