Kasabian Release Brand Reflective New Single ‘The Wall’


Kasabian have shared a brand new track called ‘The Wall’.

The track is a sneak preview of the band’s upcoming album, ‘The Alchemist Euphoria’, which arrives on August 12.

Last year, the band had released their first new music since Tom Meighan departed as frontman, with guitarist Serge Pizzorno taking the reigns. More on this here.

Described by the band as a “special one”, Kasabian shared the track via social media.

“Here we go!!! this is is a special one, last piece of new music before the entirety of The Alchemist’s Euphoria is revealed!”, they wrote. “The Wall is out”.

Why’d you do it, why’d you have to lose control?

Moving back to ‘The Wall’, the band’s new frontman Serge Pizzorno appears to be in an introspective mood, as he sings about “getting old” and “regret”, over a stripped back instruemental.

Why’d you do it, why’d you have to lose control?”, he sings.

Pizzorno proceeds to sing about the “dark clouds inside my head“, before chanting the refrain “Get back up/ Get back up again”. 

Pizzorno also shed further light on ‘The Wall’ in this statement.

“‘The Wall’” was written probably a year ago, maybe even longer. Originally, it was about having a hangover, so it started off a little bit as a joke, but it doesn’t mean that anymore”, he wrote.

The Kasabian frontman added, “It’s weird you start at one place in your head and then as you finish it and read it back you go ‘Actually no, you know what…’ It’s perfect for this album. You hit a fucking wall, but you get back up again”. 

Kasabian are embarking on a tour of the UK and Ireland to promote this album. Due to high demand, they have had to add several extra dates.

Having already confirmed plans to add an extra night at Doncaster, the band have now added an extra date for the Przym in Kingston.