Keith Richards Calls Mick Jagger “Egotistical”


Keith Richards has hit out at his fellow bandmmate Mick Jagger over his solo albums. Richards was far from complementary when the topic of Jagger’s solo albums arose in a recent interview.

Speaking to GQ magazine, Richards said “I only did my records because [Jagger] wasn’t working with us”. Then when he was asked about Jagger’s solo material he said “They had something to do with ego. He really had nothing to say.”

Richards also asked “What did he have, two albums? She’s the Boss and Primitive Cool” even though Jagger also released Wandering Spirit in 1993 and Goddess in the Doorway in 2001.

The interviewer then said that they had never listened to one of Jagger’s album to which Richards replied “Nor have I. I’ll leave it at that.”

Keith Richards said that he only records albums for the creative side of things and said he would never do it just for money. Richards said “I never thought of making records as a way of being famous or making a statement. I just want to make good records with good musicians, to play with the best and learn.”

Photo Credit: aka Francois aka Mister Pink