Keith Richards Speaks About Modern Popstars


Keith Richards has recently spoken out and given his opinion on modern popstars. Speaking to Time Out London recently, he criticised modern pop artists.

When he was asked about what he thought of the likes of Rihanna and Adele he said “Well, they can’t rely on themselves, can they?”

Keith Richards spoke quite frankly about what he thinks about modern popstars “We’re in the midst of a heavy-duty ‘showbiz’ period, even stronger than when we killed it last time. The X Factor and all this competition sh*t. It’s just for people who want to be famous. Well, if it’s fame you wants, good luck. You’d better learn to live with it.”

When asked about The Rolling Stones track ‘Satisfaction’ and how we wrote it, Richards said “‘Satisfaction’? Well, I wrote it in bed. I happened to be alone one night and went to bed with a guitar, and had one of those new tape-recorders with me, and… ’”

Keith Richards also talked about The Rolling Stones upcoming exhibition entitled ‘Exhibitionism’. When asked about the exhibit which features tons of Stones memorabilia he said “All I know is that I’ve been stripped of half my wardrobe! I still wear these damn things. They’re not history to me – they’re my clothes. I’ll find some more. I’ll tap up my old lady. That’s where most of my clothes come from.”

Photo Credit: aka Francois aka Mister Pink