Kildare Senator Invites Ridicule By Urging Bank Holiday To Coincide With Toy Show

Fianna Fáil Senator Fiona O'Loughlin - Kildare

A senator from Co. Kildare has gone off on a major solo run to promote the idea of a Bank Holiday next year to coincide with the Late Late Toy Show.

Senator Fiona O’Loughlin is supporting an apparent campaign, after being inspired by a letter from a boy in Co. Meath, who spends all day getting ready for the Toy Show.

Senator O’Loughlin says the last Friday in November is now an institution for children and families, and there should be the “sense of a national holiday” around it.

It comes amid a push for an extra bank holiday to be introduced next year, potentially to coincide with St Brigid’s Day.

However, Senator O’Loughlin actually wants to see two extra bank holidays next year – one on St Brigid’s Day, and another to coincide with the toy show.

She said she was inspired by a 10-year-old boy from Co Meath who is looking to start a petition to make toy show day a day off.

Senator O’Loughlin said “I think we all want to believe in the magic of Christmas, and the Late Late Toy Show is really an institution.

Particularly last year… it was a dark time for all of us. But the magic [of the toy show]… everyone tuned in and listened, and the voices of the young people who were on resonated that night.”

As well as making toy show day a day off, Senator O’Loughlin also believes the annual show should start earlier in the evening

She said: “If there was a sense of a national holiday around it… no homework on the day… then children could get ready, possibly not long after dinnertime.

Young people and children’s voices are important in everything we do – we need to listen to them.”

It’s been met a fairly unappreciative response from the public

Yvonne Nolan said on Twitter ”That’s simply embarrassing, this is the same TD that suggested schools had the authority to do their own contact tracing. I wish TDs would mind their public discourse to matters pertinent to importance!”
Garreth Woods replied to @Independent_ie with his tweet ”Another teacher/career politician with a limited grasp of how the real, commercial world works. When you draw from the public purse hail, rain or snow, you start believing in magic money trees & largesse for all.”
Another rebuke came from Brian Moran who was left perplexed: ”Ah stop. Has this country gone absolutely bonkers? what kind of eejits are we?
Billy Flynn let his feelings on the matter be quite clear ”Watch the Toy Show and see all the toys you won’t be getting for Christmas because of Fianna Fail.”
Richie Kelly tweeted ”Ok since we are in the realm of fantasy, for the late late toy show. Dads should get Up pointing index case of beer each, Mums Up pointing index bottle of wine each, children a box of sweets each, free from the government.”