Kings Of Leon Become The First Band To Release Album As NFT


Kings of Leon are to release their new album “When You See Yourself” in the form of a NFT (Non-Fungible-Token).

The band will share a collection called “NFT Yourself” tomorrow (Friday March 5) to coincide with their eight solo album. On this album, is the track “The Bandit”.

The NFT is a form of cryptocurrency. Each token contains artwork, as well as music, tickets and other forms of content.

A press release said that Caleb Followill and co’s NFT Collection will harness, “the power of the band’s music and their new album visuals to deconstruct, degenerate, and distort iconic band symbols and photography”.

“Such an analogue way”

Fans can also expect to see a “stunning reimagination” of the band’s work through the NFT series. This has also been created in collaboration with Kings of Leon’s longtime creative partner, Night After Night.

Casey McGrath said this, “We approached the release of ‘When You See Yourself’ in such an analogue way, from the band’s approach in the studio to shooting everything on film and went as far as literally pulling out the scotch tape and glue sticks, and dry transfer lettering”.

He added, “To approach ‘NFT Yourself’ with a digital art mindset sent electricity through the work. For those in the space that understand, they’ll appreciate the techniques of audio-generated imaging, pose detection and pixel morphing that we used to create this collectable art”. 

“For those that don’t, we hope they’ll appreciate the undeniable power and emotion that results from the collision of analogue and digital”. 

You can see the list of tracks included on this upcoming album here. More information can be found here.

The album will be released on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon. The album availble on YellowHeart is the one with the perks.

The collection

The collection is made up of three tokens, with 25 unique pieces which include a limited edition “Golden Eye” Vinyl. There is also the chance to win one of six “Golden Ticket” live experiences for Kings of Leon’s upcoming tour. Lead guitarist, Mathew Followill and the Creative Director for Night After Night, Casey McGrath shot the source photographs.

Live Nation’s Crew Nation fund are to receive any proceeds from two of the available NFTs, the album and the highest priced “Bandit Wave” #2 tickets. Live Crew Nation’s fund offer support to touring workers who have struggled for work during the pandemic.

Keep tuning into Radio Nova this weekend to find out how you can win a copy of this Kings of Leon album on Vinyl and on CD!