Kings Of Leon’s Nathan Followill Reacts To Nashville School Shooting


Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill has reacted to the new of a tragic shooting which took place at a private Christian school in Nashville.

Yesterday, a 28 year old woman fatally shot six people, including three children at the Convent school. She was later killed following an altercation with police.

Nathan Followill who is a member of Kings of Leon alongside brothers Caleb and Jared, and cousin Mathew Followill, shared his reaction via Twitter.

Following these tragic events, Nashville Mayor John Cooper said in a statement that the city has “joined the dreaded, long list of communities to experience a school shooting”.

“My heart goes out to the families of the victims”, Cooper also added. “Our entire city stands with you”. 

“let’s make sure”

Reacting to this news, Nathan Followill had this to say via Twitter.

“A school shooting just happened near my sons school. Multiple children dead but let’s make sure that the gunman had his 2nd Amendment rights. F*** you Bill Lee and f*** the NRA”, he said.

The drummer also added, “Sending my kids to school shouldn’t feel like sending them to a war zone that they may not come home from. This is all so sad and nothing is ever done about it except for thoughts and prayers from those at home cleaning their assault rifles”. 

“I’m normally not a political person on social media but this hit too close to home. I hope these kids can heal from this unthinkable tragedy”.

Since then, other musicians have also reacted to these terrible events, including Sheryl Crow, Peter Frampton and Margo Price among others.

Check them out below.

Speaking of the Followill family, Nathan’s brother Jared once spoke about the band’s love for Thin Lizzy, and how much they enjoy performing in Ireland. More on this here.