Korn Have Launched Their Own Coffee Brand Entitled ‘Korn Koffee’


Korn are one of the latest bands to have launched their own coffee range, entitled ‘Korn Koffee’. According to the heavy metal band, the inspiration behind ‘Korn Koffee’ stemmed from their dependance on caffeine as a means to keep them going throughout tours. Guitarist James ‘Munky’ Shaffer claimed: “The ‘Korn Koffee’ idea pretty much came up because we drink so much coffee on the road when we’re touring it’s good to have something to really kick you in the pants in the morning.”

Korn isn’t the first metal band to launch their own coffee line. Co-founding member of Megadeth David Ellefson and Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante have both produced popular coffee brands, titled ‘Ellefson Coffee Co.’ and ‘Benante’s Blend’.

In order to produce a quality blend of coffee, Korn worked closely with J Gursey Coffee to create a fair-trade certified blend of Ethiopian, Guatemalan and Peruvian beans.