Large Scale Events – No Vaccine? Then Simply Don’t Go …. Says CMO!

Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan

The Chief Medical Officer says there wouldn’t be any major public health concerns for an outdoor event for vaccinated people only, such as Electric Picnic.

Dr Tony Holohan added that he was hopeful of Covid restrictions being eased ‘well before‘ Christmas, but added that current disease control does need to be better.

It comes as 1,571 cases of Covid-19 were confirmed today, with NPHET due to meet tomorrow to analyse the current situation surrounding the virus.

Dr Holohan said only vaccinated people should be allowed to attend Croke Park for the All-Ireland football final in the coming weeks.

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Dr Holohan also said NPHET would not have any major concern about an outdoors event like Electric Picnic going ahead for fully vaccinated people.

We’d like to see those events being confined to people who are vaccinated”.

That can be achieved in all sorts of ways – one of the ways that an individual can achieve that for yourself is if you’re not vaccinated, don’t be going to large events of this scale.

Because at this level of disease incidence, there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to run into somebody who’s got the disease,” Dr Holohan said.

If your attendance at these events means, travelling on a train, going to a restaurant, going to the match – multiple opportunities over the course of your attendance that might, as an unvaccinated person, might represent risk to you.”

Dr Holohan also said Nphet would not have an issue from a public health perspective if Electric Picnic, a festival of 70,000 people which takes place in Stradbally Co Laois, went ahead for fully vaccinated people.

We wouldn’t have a concern from a public health point of view to express of an event that happened that was confined to fully vaccinated people.”

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Electric Picnic – Main Stage