Axl Rose Has Been Mocked By Twitter In A New Photo
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Axl Rose Has Been Mocked By Twitter In A New Photo

David Layde By David Layde - September 12, 2018

Vincent Flood via recently tweeted a photo of Guns N’ Roses lead singer Axl Rose and mocked his appearance. The pic featured below went viral and several other internet users posted their rather harsh thoughts on his appearance.

In the last few years, Axl has proven himself to have great stamina onstage with long shows. He is a 56-year old man and looks very well for his age. Perhaps Twitter users are maybe a little envious of the hugely successful rock singer? One Tweeter went so far as to liken the rocker to the late Christopher Hitchens. Maybe we could applaud the guy for still rocking in his 50's.

Axl Rose himself recently returned to Twitter to pay tribute to Burt Reynolds. He tweeted, “Lewis Medlock, Gator McKlusky, Paul Crewe, The Bandit, Sharkey…

Only two things in the world I’m scared of.

Only scared of two things? What’s that?


Women and the police.

White Lightning

Goodbye Burt and Thank You.”


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