Black Sabbath To Expand Their Reissue Series
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Black Sabbath To Expand Their Reissue Series

Nova News Team By Nova News Team - March 7, 2016

Black Sabbath have announced that they will be expanding their reissue series. In January the band released reissues of their first three albums.

According to guitarist Tony Iommi the band are following on from the release of their first three albums Black Sabbath (1970), Paranoid (1970) & Masters of Reality (1971) very soon.

In a recent interview with The Music, Tony Iommi said that re-releases of Headless Cross and TYR are just around the corner. He said "We've held back on the reissues of those albums because of the current Sabbath thing with [current frontman Ozzy Osbourne], but they will certainly be happening."

He added "I'd like to do a couple of new tracks for those releases with Tony Martin. I’ll also be looking at working on Cross Purposes (1994) and Forbidden (1995)."

As well as speaking about the upcoming reissues and the Black Sabbath farewell tour, he aslo spoke about drummer Bill Ward and the ongoing feud between him and the band.


Iommi said "Look we’d have loved to do some shows with Bill but it’s not as easy as all of us walking into a room together and going – let’s do it."

He continued saying "We have tried it a couple of times in the past with Bill but he’s pulled out at the wrong times really. I'm sure people don’t want us to come on tour and then suddenly Bill walks out."

Photo Credit: Jesper Hedlund


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