The Stone Roses' Reni's Isolated Drumming
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The Stone Roses' Reni's Isolated Drumming

Myrren Bedding By Myrren Bedding - January 11, 2018

Stone Roses' incredible drummer, Alan 'Reni' Wren celebrated his 53rd birthday yesterday! The band member was regarded as 'the most naturally talented drummer since Keith Moon' by Pete Townsend of The Who.

Reni's amazing ability is well known, but it shines in the video below - a version of the 1994 song 'Love Spreads', where Reni's drumming is isolated.

He almost sounds like he could play and play and never stop! Strange to think that Silvertone swapped his drum recording with a drum machine on 'I Am The Resurrection' for the 1992 'Turns Into Stone' compilation, thinking no-one would notice or mind...

According to his bandmates, Reni's talents expanded to guitar and bass with bandmate Mani once saying:


He was that good, he could do anything. He’s done gigs with one arm – and he played with one arm it was as good as two! The guy is a total genius, a proper fucking one-off you know.”

Journalist Danny Kelly also had great things to say about the drummer in an interview with NME: In Amsterdam I’d watched him soundcheck for an hour on his own, slapping 17 shades of shining shite out of his kit for the sheer unbridled joy of playing.” 

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