Leaving Cert Green Light With Option of Calculated Grade or Written Exams


This year’s Leaving Cert will go ahead with a choice for students between written exams and calculated grades.

Junior Cert 2021 has also been cancelled after a meeting of the cabinet sub-committee on education.

Each student will be given a calculated grade for every subject, and the choice of sitting the written exam for that subject.

Whatever the better result is between those two will then be taken towards their final result.

Students can opt to take a calculated grade and not sit the physical, written exam.

It’s the intention that practicals and orals will go ahead for those who also opt to sit the written exam in that subject.

The State Examinations Commission will have a larger, and legislative, role in the process this year.

Students won’t get to see their calculated grade before they sit the written exam.

The Junior Cert this year has been cancelled due to capacity concerns about running the exams at the same time as the Leaving Cert.

Education Minister Norma Foley also told the committee it’s her intention to get Leaving Certs back into the classroom on March 1st, along with younger years primary students.