Leaving Cert NOT Final Destination



The Teachers’ Union of Ireland has congratulated students on their Leaving Cert results and advised them to consider continuing their education in areas that engage them most.

The 2018 results are broadly in line with those from 2017, the State Examinations Commission has said. There have been improvements in the grades achieved in higher level maths and science subjects.

In higher maths, the percentage of students in the top three grades is up three points on last year. The percentage of top-three grades in higher level English and Irish was down slightly on 2017.

The top-three level grades in physics and chemistry have edged up slightly, while in biology the percentage of students getting one of the top three grades jumped from 39.6% to 45% this year.

The TUI union has highlighted the vast range of options available through the apprenticeship system or in Further Education colleges around the country.

TUI has stated that in order to maintain the attractiveness of teaching as an option, equal pay for all teachers must be restored.

Speaking today, TUI President Seamus Lahart said:

‘We congratulate students on the application and dedication that they have demonstrated in achieving their results. They should look at continuing their studies in those areas that engage them most.

Now more than ever, the Leaving Certificate is a staging post, not a final destination. Therefore, if you did not receive the results that you had hoped for, you should remember that learning is a lifelong pursuit and that there have never been more avenues and opportunities open to you to pursue your chosen course.

In this regard, students should consider apprenticeship options across an ever-expanding range of disciplines. These can lead to fulfilling and successful careers.

While all students deserve praise today, special tribute should be paid to those mature students who took the brave decision to return to education. In addition, there are many students receiving results today who may only have acquired English relatively recently, some of whom have overcome difficulties unimaginable to the rest of us.