The Leaving Cert Results: Marks Drop Across English And Irish


More than 57,000 students across the country are getting their Leaving Cert results today.

The results have seen improvements in the grades achieved in higher level maths and science subjects.

The State Examinations Commission says the results this year are broadly in line with last year’s.

This is the second year of the Leaving’s simplified marking system, with just 8 grade levels.

In Higher Maths, the percentage of students in the top three grades was up three points on last year.

The percentage of top-three grades in higher level English and Irish was down slightly on 2017.

But there was good news for higher level science students, with top-3 level grades in Physics and Chemistry edging up slightly.

While in Biology, the percentage of students getting one of the top three grades jumped from 39.6% to 45% this year.