LeChéile Group Formed As Counter To Right-Wing Fascist Anti-Mask Loons


A new collaboration of public figures have alligned alongside social justice groups to officially launch ‘Le Chéile’ as part of efforts to combat the rise of the far-right in Ireland.

The alliance has already been campaigning under the slogan of #DiversityNotDivision as they formally launched alongside a number of left-wing politicians today.

Public figures including Christy Moore, Damien Dempsey and Vincent Browne have all lent their support to the campaign.

Social justice organisations who were prominently involved in the Repeal the 8th movement, as well as various anti-racism groups have united together as a counterpoint to the nefarious hard right, who’s growing influence is a source of concern to all reasonable thinking people.

Far-right organisations have been present at several anti-lockdown demonstrations in recent months, at least one ending in violence with an alleged assault of a counter-protester.