Legendary Irish Guitarist Rory Gallagher To Be Honored By Fender


It has been two decades since the death of Rory Gallagher, so to commemorate this a studio in his hometown is to be named after him, as well as a conference room at the headquarters of Fender.

The worldwide event called Remember Rory is taking place this weekend on June 14th, the date that he died back in 1995. Gallagher’s nephew Eoin will perform one of his songs at Cork’s famous Shandon Bells on Friday, while four radio stations broadcast Tattoo’d Lady at the same time.

Live music will be performed on Rory Gallagher Plaza while other events are planned across Cork and elsewhere. Rory was recently remembered at a special mini festival in Ballyshannon, Donegal on the 28th -31st of May.

In a recent interview with the Irish Examiner, Rory’s brother and manager Donal Gallagher spoke about the blues guitarist “He was such a perfectionist that, when you’re working with his music, you have to be careful you don’t tamper with it. You do feel he is looking over your shoulder”.

Donal also spoke about previously unreleased material from Rory’s band Taste that could possibly see the light of day. Donal said that it has been “tied up in red tape” over the last 40 years.

Photo Credit: Harry (Howard) Potts