Leinster House Mistake Sees Garret Fitzgerald Join Labour Party!


Garret Fitzgerald a former Fine Gael Taoiseach has seemingly become a member of  the labour party, from the afterlife.

An error on graphics put in place at Leinster House states that Garret Fitzgerald was actually a member of the left-wing political party.

According to Breaking News, Leinster House has been adorned with posters as well as huge graphic covering a corridor which contains information on leaders, parties and Governments that have served. It’s to celebrate the 100th Dáil and the graphics are replete with pictures, dates and timelines.

When the infographics get to the 24th Dáil led by Mr Fitzgerald it states after the Taoiseach’s name the words “Labour Party”. A spokesperson for the Oireachtas confirmed that Mr Fitzgeraldwas not a clandestine member of the Labour party. They clarified that it was “a printing error” which will be fixed.

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