Liam Gallagher Is Denied Cigarettes and Tweets His Feelings About It. Of Course.


What would your week be without a Liam Gallagher twitter meltdown to get you through it?

Because he knows what our souls want the most, Liam Gallagher has given us another one of his classic twitter meltdowns.

And no, before you ask, this wasn’t triggered by his brother Noel, but rather a shop cashier.

When Liam attempted to buy a back of the ol’ cigs in New York the other night, he was refused. All due to the fact that world famous rockstar didn’t have ID.

In typical Liam fashion, rather than accept the situation, he did what he did best. And tweeted.


Fans of course reacted classically to the tweet.

Liam has been a longtime fan of venting his feelings on the ol’ tweet machine.  He talked about his love of the site to Absolute radio. Liam stated “Oh mate, Twitter is the best thing because obviously I have a love-hate relationship with the press and that. I like putting a few wrongs right, or just having a crack – It’s all fun isn’t it? I don’t wish anyone any harm.”

He has previously fired off his feels on his brother Noel. Continually referring to him as a potato. Which is actually just brilliant.


Never change Liam, Never change.

photo cred:  Ben Houdijk