Liam Gallagher Fears He Got Covid-19 But Had Just Left The Heating On

Liam Gallagher

Liam Gallagher was worried he had coronavirus but much to his relief worked out that his home was just hot.

The former Oasis frontman got momentarily overwhelmed by hysteria when he became convinced he might have contracted the disease.

Liam revealed his concerns when a fan asked him on Twitter: ‘Liam what’s ur thoughts on coronavirus? LG replied:

“The situation is getting more and more complicated. It’s very confusing and scary though. ‘I feel like I’ve had it 7 times the last few days then realised the house is just hot.’

As The Metro observes the singer had been recently touring in Europe and had visited Italy, Germany and France, so his fears were not completely unjustified.

Maybe get a thermometer Liam and a thermostat while you’re at it.