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Watch Liam Gallagher Make Up With Idris Elba


We recently told you that Liam Gallagher and Idris Elba had settled their long-lived feud on The Graham Norton Show. Stemming from an incident at the NME Awards in 2013, the feud has lived on through the press until Norton intervened. Who knew the funny-man was all the pair needed? Maybe Norton could settle the Liam and Noel feud too? Here’s hoping.

Here’s how Liam described the incident:

“He messed my fucking hair up so I pulled his hat off and booted it across the room and that’s it. I don’t give a fuck who he is. You don’t touch a man’s haircut.” Idris then spoke to GQ magazine: “Don’t touch his hair, apparently. Fuck off. Next time walk with a fucking hairdresser, then.”

 In the clip below, the two finally describe the event together, kind of.

“I gave him a hug,” Idris goes on, “and he didn’t like that, ’cause he loves his hair. And then he took my hat off, straight over the bar.”

Both then add: “But we’re all good now.” Watch it below, starting at the 1:20 mark:


Liam appeared on the show to promote his new album ‘As You Were’, which was released yesterday.