Watch Liam Gallagher Perform New Track ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’ On The Jonathan Ross Show


Liam Gallagher debuted his new holiday song “All You’re Dreaming Of” over the weekend. The singer-songwriter performed it live on The Jonathan Ross Show with a full backing band.

In a statement upon the release of the festive track, Liam said he hopes the track can “bring some much-needed love and hope.

“Considering the year that we’ve all had, I hope this brings back some much-needed love and hope,” said the ex-Oasis frontman. “Bing Crosby would have been proud.”

Before playing the song, Liam and Ross chatted about the ongoing feud with his brother Noel Gallagher, admitting they are “both the problem.

“I think we’re both the problem and the problem is that he thinks he’s not the problem,” he said. “He thinks I’m both the problems. Whereas I’m just a problem. I’m half the problem, whereas I can’t be having him thinking I’m the full problem.

“He needs to take on some of the problem. The minute he does that we’ll move on,” added Liam. “He needs to own his problem.”

Liam’s new song did not originally plan to be a Christmas one

Liam’s latest single, released on November 27th, is a perfectly composed Christmas song that he calls “an instant classic that is perfect for this time of year.

Co-writer Simon Aldred said the song was created during the first lockdown “when everything was looking uncertain and people were struggling to remain optimistic.” Although it was never meant to be a Christmas song, Aldred said it quickly became one after discussions.

“It was never meant to a Christmas song,” said Aldred. “But then Liam said, ‘I can see New York shop windows, and snow outside, this reminds me of being a kid at Christmas when life was normal.’ And so, we reimagined it with that in mind.”

Liam is prepping a virtual show, Down by the River Thames, that will be livestreamed on December 5th. Liam and his band will perform solo hits and selections from the Oasis catalogue on a barge floating on the River Thames. Find out more about the show on Live Nation’s website.

You can check out the new song performed live on The Jonathan Ross Show in the video below.