Is Lil Sadie, Saoirse’s Cutest Ever Oscars Doppelganger?

996 & A24/Courtesy Everett Collection

Ireland has its fingers crossed for Saoirse Ronan, but we think these creative kids (and their mum!) deserve their own Oscar too!

For the past eight years the Storino kids from Chicago, anxiously await awards season to re-create images from films nominated by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for Best Picture on their site Don’t Call Me Oscar.

From Gary Oldman’s Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour” to the fierce mother played by Frances McDormand in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri,” this year the Storinos have once again added a cute twist to serious films, just like they did last year with movies like “Manchester By the Sea” and “Hell or High Water.”

Maggie Storino and her daughters, Sophia, 7, and Sadie, 5, were inspired to launch the Don’t Call Me Oscar project a few years ago, when her sister, Marnie Hanel, was contributing to Vanity Fair’s Academy Awards coverage. She told “I decided to send her photos of Sophia dressed as the best-picture nominees. These were forwarded along so many times, I threw them on a Tumblr to keep them organized.”

They have been creating the pictures since Sophia was only 4 months old, and have since started an Instagram account to show the incredibly detailed masterpieces, which take “about a month” to pull off. “We start when the best-picture nominees are announced and finish a week before the Oscars,” she wrote. “It only takes a few minutes to take the actual photo but it can take a while to put together the sets, ” Maggie says.

Their family and friends have also now gotten in on the act. Storino’s father, who is a hand surgeon, sent six rolls of vet tape in a shade of pink to match the cast that Saoirse Ronan wore in one of this year’s nominated films, “Lady Bird.”

Sadie also portrayed Ronan’s character from “Brooklyn” in 2016.

Maggie told “I try to pick pictures based on props we already own. So when I saw that the doorknob in ‘Brooklyn’ matched our doorknobs, I knew we had to do that film still. It didn’t matter that we didn’t have anything else for the set, including the blue door, floral wallpaper or window. I knew we’d figure it out.”

Sadie, according to her mom, especially enjoyed how that one turned out. “I showed Sadie the ‘Brooklyn’ photo and said, ‘You look just like this movie star! She beamed and said ‘No mom, I look just like Sophia.’ She idolizes her big sister and this was a very proud moment for her.”