Lindsey Buckingham Reveals He Never Got “Closure” With Stevie Nicks


Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Lindsey Buckingham has said that he never got “closure” from Stevie Nicks after their relationship ended. The pair were part of the group Fleetwood Mac and were involved romantically, until they split up in 1977.

Speaking to Nile Rodgers on his Apple Music 1 show, Buckingham said “And really, again, that was part of the deal with Stevie and me was that we had to spend an awful lot of time together without ever having gotten closure from each other”.

“Most people, when they break up, they don’t see each other for a long time or maybe ever again”, continued Buckingham. “But you’re not constantly having to not only see someone. But, in my case, make the choice to do right for someone when I didn’t always feel that I wanted to, you know?“.


Along with “Go Your Own Way”, “Dreams” also refers to the much publicised break up of Buckingham and Nicks.

“In order to take a song of hers, like ‘Dreams’, which needed so much construction around it to take those same two chords and make them evolve from section A to section B to section C”, Buckingham said.

“The love and the choice to do the right thing and to have the integrity to do that. It comes at a price sometimes, you know? It comes at the price of having your defences come up, and sometimes over a period of time, it’s hard to get those down”. 

“So I think ‘Big Love’ was really about someone who was functioning quite well in his professional world but had become quite guarded emotionally, had an emotional moat around him, say, in his personal life”.

“Better take care of yourself” 

Stevie Nicks had previously revealed that she did not speak to Buckingham after he was fired from the band in 2018.

She did reveal that she wrote to him after he suffered a heart attack in 2019.

According to Nicks the note said, “You better take care of yourself. You better take it easy and you better do everything they tell you and get your voice back and feel the grace that you have made it through this”.

Nicks also said she was disappointed that Buckingham was fired from Fleetwood Mac in 2018.

“Any time we re-formed to do a tour or a record, I always walked in with hope in my heart. And I just was so disappointed. I felt like all the wind had gone out of my sails”, she said.

In March, Fleetwood Mac drummer, Mick Fleetwood said that he mended fences with Buckingham and the pair are on good terms. The pair were back in touch following Buckingham’s health scare and the death of Mac co-founder Peter Green in 2020.

“I’ve really enjoyed being re-connected with Lindsey, which has been gracious and open”, Fleetwood said.

“And both of us have been beautifully honest about who we are and how we got to where we were”.

Mick Fleetwood had also said that he would love Fleetwood Mac to reunite for a tour. More here.