Listen To Axl Rose Rehearse With AC/DC


If you still think that Axl Rose playing with AC/DC is all just a ruse, then it appears that we finally have proof that they have joined forces.

Recent footage has emerged on You Tube where you can hear Axl Rose playing with AC/DC. The band were using a rehearsal facility in Lisbon on the weekend before they embark on their European tour.

You can hear the band running through a number of different songs for the shows. In the first video you can hear Axl Rose belting out ‘Thunderstruck’ as well as ‘Shoot To Thrill’.

Another video surfaced online recently where you can hear them performing three songs. This time you can hear them playing ‘Hells Bells’, ‘Hell Ain’t A Bad Place To Be’ & ‘Back in Black’.

Axl Rose is set to perform 12 shows with AC/DC in Europe up until the middle of June. Rose is also said to be penned in for 10 rescheduled shows in the US later this year.

You can have a listen to Rose performing with AC/DC down below.


Photo Credit:  Laura Cox