LISTEN: Kevin Casey Says ‘It’s Alright’


Kevin Casey is a singer-songwriter from here in Dublin. Kevin’s a hard-working, relentless live performer with several singles, two EPs and one full length album under his belt since 2014. Add to that CV two European tours, performances in Germany, the UK and the USA along with two years in a row at Electric Picnic.

Out today is Kevin’s brand-new single, It’s Alright which Pat Courtenay was proud to play on Nova first.

Inspired by driving rock ballads of the ’80s, the track was recorded with Kevin’s band in Studio 7, Kildare and produced by Gavin McCormack.

Hot Press says, “It’s Alright’ turns expectations of the singer on their head, utilising chugging guitars, layered vocals and lyrics to capture the zeitgeist era of our time. The song is sure to be a major summer soundtrack, with its steady rock beat, guitar solos and full instrumental arrangement”.

Indie Buddie says, “There are elements of Oasis with tones of The Beatles and even some Bryan Adams peppering which makes the song quite easy on the ears. Casey took the best part of these artists and blended them with his own style to create a moving power anthem for the crazy times we live in now”. 

“Only the belief that it’s going to be alright, feeling more believable at some times than others, is what we need to survive,” a press statement on the track reads.

“With or without us, the world will keep turning. One way or another, for better or worse, the world will keep ticking on as it always has, even when it may feel like it’s ending.”

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