Listen To A New Mashup of Led Zeppelin and Greta Van Fleet


Rockers, Greta Van Fleet have often been plagued with Led Zeppelin similarities. Now, a YouTube DJ has mixed two of their songs. Check out the mashup below you and judge for yourself!

According to UCR, the video features sounds and images from Led Zeppelin’s “The Wanton Song” as well as Greta Van Fleet’s “When the Curtain Falls.” DJ Cummerbund’s mix is imaginatively titled, “When the Wanton Falls”. Randy “Macho Man” Savage also appears in the mashup.

DJ Cummmerbund wasn’t the first to spot similarities. Variety magazine once commented, “‘When the Curtain Falls’ finds the young group channeling Zeppelin big time with a fiery riff and shrieking vocals from singer Joshua Kiszka.”

DJ Cummerbund also came up with a name for this mashed-up rock band. “I was tired of people saying Greta Van Fleet sounds like Led Zeppelin, so I created the supergroup ‘Ledda Van Fleppelin’ to prove that they don’t sound anything alike.” Sarcasm in print rarely works ; )

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