Liverpool Fans Random Attacks On People Condemned By Club

Via Twitter

Some Liverpool fans have been very publicly embarrassing their club after footage emerged of them shoving unsuspecting innocent victims into fountains in Barcelona ahead of tonight’s UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg while six others were arrested for unrelated alleged assaults.

At least two videos on social media show Reds fans pushing people into fountains in the famous Placa Reial square.

One saw a Liverpool fan shove an elderly man with the stunned and drenched victim then mocked as ‘Mr Miyagi’ – the character from the ‘Karate Kid’ movies – in clear racial overtones – when he confronted the supporters.

Another similar incident showed a fan dumping a local man, into the fountain to a chorus of guffaws and braying from fellow supporters.

The scenes have been widely condemned as “embarrassing” and “horrible” by social media users and many Liverpool supporters.

Liverpool F.C. have condemned the fans’ behavior as “totally unacceptable” in a statement issued today.

Liverpool Football Club is working with Merseyside Police and the authorities in Spain, who are endeavouring to identify those involved in the incident,” the club wrote.

Liverpool chief executive Peter Moore also urged fans to behave with “grace and humility.” “We proudly sing that we’ve conquered all of Europe,” he tweeted. “But let’s treat this beautiful city with the respect that it deserves, and act in a manner that is befitting of LFC.

By all means have a good time, but we are Liverpool, and as such, let’s visit here with grace and humility.”

Six Liverpool fans were reportedly arrested by Spanish Police on Tuesday in separate incidents. Some Reds fans complained of an “over-reaction” by local police in their response to incidents in Placa Reial square, while others have said that central areas have been blocked off to fans.

Almost 5,000 Liverpool fans are expected to be in Barcelona for Wednesday night’s game, which will pit two five-time winners of the competition against each other.