Mainland Brits Not Overly Bothered By Prospect Of Losing Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland flag

43% of British people wouldn’t be especially bothered if Northern Ireland left the United Kingdom.

A YouGov poll surveyed over 2,000 people in England, Scotland and Wales to consider Ulster’s place in the overall scheme of things with the United Kingdom.

The British public were asked questions as part of the poll and the results show 40% want Northern Ireland to remain part of the UK, while 34% think it should join the Republic.

Unlike Scotland and Wales, the primary reaction to Northern Ireland leaving the UK to join with the rest of Ireland is apathy.

26% said they don’t know. It also appears there is a significant disinterest amongst the British public regarding the future of Northern Ireland.

32% said they’d be upset if Northern Ireland left, while 15% would be pleased.

YouGov- NIreland Poll Graph
YouGov- NIreland Poll Graph