Major Drugs Facility Uncovered In West Cork


A major illegal drugs facility has been uncovered in West Cork as three men and a woman have been arrested following the discovery of an elaborate cocaine laboratory in Dromleigh, Bantry.

It understood the suppliers were preparing to target the Christmas market in the city as Gardaí discovered a quantity of cocaine and chemicals with an estimated street value believed to be in excess of €100K. 

Members of the drugs squad uncovered the intricate facility when they raided a house in Bantry town at around 10pm on Sunday, November 26th. 


They arrested four people at the scene; three males and one female, two males of whom hail from Dublin while the others reside in Cork. One man was in his 50s, while another male was aged his 30s. The third male and lone female are both aged in their 20s. 

The operation involved the importation of fabric with the cocaine placed inside, and the removal of the cocaine from the fabric through a chemical process in a bid to liquefy the drug.

Cocaine was found in various forms and Gardaí say it’s not possible to put an exact value on the seizure until each batch is analysed.

All four have been detained at Bantry and Bandon Garda Stations under Section 2 of the Criminal Justice Drug Trafficking Act 1996 and can be held for questioning for up to seven days.

Gardaí have established that the gang rented the property specifically to set up the facility and the landlord was unaware of what the property was being used for.