What You Can Do To Make A Woman’s Day Today!


It’s International Women’s Day today and in an effort to celebrate the wonderful ladies in all our lives we thought about a couple of things you can do which will make a woman’s day today!

It’s simple really – just small little things which will bring a smile to someones face and we promise it won’t kill you to do it!


1. Do something kind for the woman you love…

It really couldn’t be any simpler. Make the woman you work/live with a cup of tea or coffee, babysit the kids, send flowers, or just simply write a card and let them know why you value them in your life. You’re guaranteed to brighten her day.

2. Stop manspreading


So this one is totally directed at the men out there – stop manspreading. Yes, we know that sometimes you aren’t aware that you are doing so, but it really could not be more annoying.

3. Organise movie night

We all love a good film right? So, why not organise a movie night that celebrates the finest female talent around?

4. Attend a local IWD event

There are plenty of events taking place around the country for International Women’s Day, head along and check out what is going on – let these women know they are valued.

5. Make a donation to charity

There are plenty of charities out there that support women, and all you have to do is make a small donation which can go a long way, choose from the Breast Cancer Organization, Women Abuse Centre, Old Folks Home or orphanage houses. A little effort goes a long way. Moreover, you can visit any of the above with your friends or family, bring along some food, clothes or daily necessities as part of your gesture and chat with them.