Previously Unseen: Malcolm Young Slams Original AC/DC Singer


In a previously unseen interview, AC/DC’s Malcolm Young can be heard slamming the band’s original singer, Dave Evans.

Young can heard saying “people cheered when he left”. Evans was replaced by Bon Scott, who himself was later replaced with Brian Johnson after his death in 1980.

This interview appears alongside seven hours of video footage exploring AC/DC’s career along with a number of indepth essays.

Malcolm Young passed away in 2017 from dementia. He co-founded the band alongside his brother Angus. In this interview, he is heard talking about the band’s reaction to Dave Evans leaving and Bon Scott coming in.

“Bon basically took charge”, Malcolm said. “He was older and he’d been around in another band. He was the man of experience. We’d written one or two songs, and he encouraged us to write more”.

Malcolm also said, “When he came in, we had the voice of experience. We kept our ears wide open. He pushed us a little further. The first singer (Dave Evans), people cheered when he left, so we could jam. He was so bad”.

“Bon was in a week later. He had songs, ideas, motivation. He’s serious. We were happy to be with someone like that. We were just happy to be playing. He had bigger plans”. 

“That’s how we cut our teeth” – Young

Malcolm Young also spoke about starting out with the band in the 1970s, performing in clubs and trying to “cut our teeth”.

Young said, “That’s how we cut our teeth getting people hot and sweaty and drinking. We stayed on that same thing. People paid money for tickets and we’ve never forgotten that. Anything after that was a bonus. We were just a club band. As things evolve, you evolve with it”. 

As mentioned, Malcolm Young co-founded the band alongside his brother Angus. In this footage, he gave an insight into what it was like to work with his brother in the band.

“It’s not that dramatic. We have our moments. That’s what we do, knowing each other all our lives. But it’s got a lot of big pluses. Brothers do fight, but there is a closeness too”. 

Young did admit, “Within the band, a little bit of aggro rears its ugly head. But it’s certainly not a major problem for AC/DC. During the making of the albums, it’s the worst, because everyone is under a bit of pressure. You’re in a confined area and things happen. We’re pretty lucky overall with that, though”.

Recently, Angus Young denied that Bon Scott helped to write “Back In Black”. More on that story here.