Mammoth North Dublin Sewage Plant Gets The Go Ahead


The go ahead has been given for a controversial sewage treatment plant in Clonshaugh in North Dublin. Thousands of people objected to the facility, that was described as a ‘monster’.

As part of the Greater Dublin drainage project, an 13 kilometre underground sewer is to be built, starting at Blanchardstown that will bring waste water to a new plant in Clonshaugh, before its treated and piped into the Irish sea – a kilometre from Ireland’s Eye.

An Bord Pleanala says there will be some temporary impacts during construction including noise, vibration and disturbance which could mean the temporary rehousing of some residents.

Projected growth in population and increased commercial activity means the volume of wastewater generated in the greater Dublin area will increase by more than 50% during the next 30 years. Having adequate wastewater treatment capacity is vital to protect public health, safeguard the environment and facilitate this social and economic growth.

Seán Laffey, Head of Asset Management, said:

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The project has been met with strong opposition – with 14-thousand objections – over fears about the impact on public health and wildlife. Sabrina Joyce Kemper from the ‘Sollution not Pollution’ campaign would prefer a number of smaller plants;

”Waste isn’t really supposed to go into the sea, where essentially if you like you sitting in a bath and someone coming in and doing their business on top of you! That’s what we”re doing to the wildlife in the area.”

She says they’ll be mounting a legal challenge;

”We had a quick read of the decision and the inspector’s report this morning. This has kind of confirmed to us that we have a strong case and we do believe that it will be remitted back to An Bord Pleanala to change their decision based on enviornmental and habitat laws.”