Man Escorted Off Dublin Bound Flight After Showing Signs Of Coronavirus

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A man was escorted off a flight at Dublin Airport last night. That’s after he showed signs of coronavirus.

Passengers onboard a flight from Moscow say they were kept on the plane for two hours whilst medics in hazmat suits took the man off the aircraft.

A HSE spokeswoman said they have a “protocol in place” to launch any necessary plan at ports of entry into Ireland.

Leaflets from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HSPC) were given to passengers on the flight which landed just after 9pm last night.

Photographs of the leaflet advising passengers that they had “been on a flight with a possible case of novel coronavirus”, were shared via social media.

The leaflet, dated February 1, told passengers to “please avoid contact with other people as much as possible tonight”.

Passengers were also told that if they become ill “especially with cough, sore throat, breathlessness or high temperature”, they should stay at home or in their hotel room and phone a doctor or 999.