Man On Trial Accused Of Assaulting Gardai In Dublin Denies Charges


A 40 year old man, who had been on trial accused of assaulting two gardai, has pleaded guilty to resisting arrest.

The court heard the accused was shouting ‘Get them Buster’ at a dog during the incident on the Sallynoggin Road in Dublin.

This man went on trial yesterday accused of assaulting two gardai and the possession of a claw hammer and a knuckleduster in October 2016 which he denied.

A garda told the jury he saw the accused, Brian Farrell of Longford Villas in Sallynoggin, coming out of a house holding a pit bull terrier dog aloft by the scruff of the neck.

Gardai allege that as they tried to arrest him, he shouted instructions to the dog like ‘Get them Buster, bite them Buster, help me Buster.’

The court heard the accused denied there were any dogs present on the evening.
Today on the second day of his trial, the charges were withdrawn and new ones were entered with 40 year old Brian Farrell pleaded guilty to resisting arrest-he will be sentenced next month.

Judge Martin Nolan told the jury he was a little sorry the trial was over saying he was curious to find out if Buster was there or not. ‘That was the mystery in my mind’ he said.