Marc MacSharry Quits Fianna Fáil To Vote No Confidence In Coveney

Fianna Fail - Marc McSharry
Fianna Fáil’s Marc MacSharry has resigned the party whip ahead of tonight’s confidence motion in Minister Simon Coveney!
In a letter to issued to the party leader and Taoiseach Micheal Martin, MacSharry said “all Fianna Fáil party positioning and policy are being determined in a fashion consistent with an undemocratic totalitarian regime rather than that of a democratic socialist republican party of and for the people,
MacSharry added: ”The public are expected to accept that some people are expendable and others are not. I cannot stand over a situation where depending on the protagonists involved different rules apply.
I was elected to serve a democratic republic not one which applies different rules and sanctions depending on the identity or position of the people involved.”
His letter confirms he will vote against Simon Coveney in tonight’s vote, expected at approx 8pm.
His letter ends: “I will work to the very best of my ability in line with my Fianna Fáil traditions, its constitution, and values from which the current leadership regime have unilaterally chosen to completely depart.