Mark Hamill Shares Heartfelt Photo Of Luke and Han Solo Reunion


Luke and Han Solo never got to say their goodbyes, but the Force is still with them. Mark Hamill has shared a sweet photo of the two Star Wars heroes below.

One of the regrettable parts of the new Star Wars trilogy is the fact that Luke and Han Solo never got to meet up before Han’s sudden death in The Force Awakens.

In real life, actors Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford are both alive and well, they still remain good friends despite having being killed off in the series that made them famous.

According to Mashable UK, Hamill will appear in the next as yet un-titled film in the Star Wars series, as some kind of Force ghost but it’s unknown if Ford himself will return as something similar from beyond the grave.

Hamill posted up a picture on Twitter of himself and Ford embracing, with the comment,

“What a Han/Luke reunion might have been like,” No doubt Stars wars fans will be happy to see both friends hugging like two old time brothers, even if only here and not out in the galactic afterlife.

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